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    Meet with one of our UK Captains in Central Florida

    KC, one of the UK Captains will be on "holiday" with his family in the Orlando area. He would like to meet his US brothers while he is in the states.
    He has cleared it with the war department to have a cold one with us on Friday, Jan. 4 at 8PM. We are meeting at The Pub in Davenport, Map link below. I have PM'd some Captains already but figured I'd post this to get everyone who is interested. See you there. ... =addr&om=1
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    I wish that I could be there. Please bid him welcome from one of his fellow, and slightly soggy, Rocket Captains in the Pacific Northwest....

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    Wish I could be there, but I depart on a cruise the very next morning. Give best wishes from me as well as Sebring Chuck
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    I am also in Florida and was looking forward to meet some Floridian Rocket Riders. The thing is that I will depart tomorrow from St. Augustine leaving for Key Largo/Key West and returning 9th of January to Orlando.

    Wish you happy Holidays!


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