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    DRIAD - Downed Rider Immediate Action Drill

    Okay here it is. Comments from licensed health care providers welcome.

    These treatments are written in order of priority, they should be processed and practiced like this. "Call for help, C-spine control, level of conciousness, A, B, C, Fractures, Treat for Shock"

    Downed Rider Immediate Action Drill

    Whenever you are responding or reacting to an emergency incident, your first priority is YOU. If you cannot render aid without putting yourself in danger of life and/or limb, you are not morally obligated to lay hands on anyone. I am a firm believer in the guy that goes for help is just as much of a hero as the guy that renders care.

    If you are the only one that appears to have a clue about care, because you have read a post on R3 owners, then POINT at someone and say "YOU, MAN IN THE GREEN SHIRT, GO CALL 911." Look this guy in the eye and make sure he understands what you are saying. This cuts the confusion about "I thought that other guy was gonna call."

    After scene safety, life becomes much simpler and complicated at the same time. These are the things that you want going through your mind as you are SLOWLY WALKING toward the scene.


    C-Spine control - this is the process of placing your hands on each side of the victims head. This should be done quickly and from an angle that keeps the victim from knowing you are about to do it. This allows you to control movement without the reflex head turn that normally comes with approaching someone. C-spine can also be done using the legs while kneeling. This should NEVER be let go once you have taken it, until you are sure the victim is dead, absolutely fine, or it is taken over by someone else. It is reasonable to take c-spine and carefully hand it off to someone who is not doing anything else, if you are the only one that knows what to do next.

    Level of consciousness - this can immediately follow c-spine and it is done like this. “Hey, buddy are you okay?â€Â
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    Good post. Candidate for a sticky.

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    JD and lonerider

    After reading JD and Loneriders messages, I was hoping there'd be more discussion on what to do for a fellow rider if a crash occurs. I have the basics for 'normal' emergencies (ABC, shock, burns) but haven't received any additional info for bike accidents. Helmet is a concern - what do you do if airway is blocked and you're dealing with a full face helmet? If you are alone, how do you prioritize and\or manage all facets?

    Good stuff FM... important stuff. I'd venture most of us, especially the young'ns will encounter the need. I have been early to two bike accidents - thankfully with others more skilled than I - and its important to act as quickly as possible.

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    point taken OWL,
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    Good job FM... I am going to print it, put it in a plastic sleeve and put it under my seat....

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    Firemedic, a most excellent and timely post!
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    Well done, I have same intent to photocopy and laminate and put under seat, then have a few copies to give others at the scvene, despite the calm I had trouble communicating what was needed and beleive it or not 10 cars went by before we realised Police had not been called and we needed the traffic control as some one warp speed cager nearly collected us too, despite others warning to slow up the road, so it was me despite all I was doing to ask a driver to ring Police and send the warning post further up the road. (In Oz, 000 responds with Police Fire Or Ambulance. They do not Prompt you after that to check, do you need Police? Stupid eh?) We had to rtide a bit to get signal strength so checking outcomes was difficult.
    Another thought is fluids for yourselves if hot. So many stopped and offerred a drink and we said "We,ll be right!" but in the end it was a long time in hot gear in the sun!- 3 hours. Then we did a big ride without a stop. Our own shock stepping In.

    Cheers and thanks for all the support it has been truly amazing just to have people acknowledge how hard it is.
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    Yea great post FM +1 on the sticky owl you onto it most informative, hope I never have to attend but shit happens, I remember a couple of years ago on a ride we do a through the Lewis Pass on some twisties a pilot vehicle was warning oncoming of a wide load following behind him, a harley rider and his wife collected the pilot vehicle, It must have just happened I pulled up behind 3 cars after an uphill stretch not being able to see why we were stationary and after waiting what seemed like ages I decided to see why we were stopped once I rode over the crest of the hill I saw the accident on a downhill sharp left hander, after riding down and offering assistance I realised both rider and pillion were covered up so I somberly carried on with the ride, met up with the rest of the group at Murchison some had arrived prior and knew nothing others arrived after me and were held up for quite some time, really brings it home....... Be safe everybody.

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    Thanks for that post, especially the ABC's.
    TOR's...They sound as good as I remember...they're grrrrrrrrrrreat!

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