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    Welcome to "Meet the Members"; how it works

    Welcome members and guests. We request that each member, after they register their username should post it as the Subject.

    Then in the Message body, post whatever introduction that you would like, such as location/age/interests/rocketmodel-color/etc.

    You can edit this anytime that you want to. You can reply to your own post or to anyone else's posts, but don't start any other posts on this forum.

    In this way, we can introduce ourselves and welcome new members and keep everyone informed of news relating to members.

    This would be some examples of how this will work:

    Fred joins up and selects Fast1 as his handle.
    He posts on Meet the Members. His Subject is Fast1. He posts some details about himself and his bike. Others welcome him.

    After a while his post will move down on the list of members.

    Fred's wife has a baby, so he makes a reply to his Fast1 post. This brings it back to the top and everyone can congratulate him.

    So this forum is like a virtual bar (which is what is was called originally), where after you meet members, you can get updates on how they are doing and things that happen to them.

    When you enter this forum, the list of Subjects will be all the members "handles".

    The Rocket III is a unique motorcycle and so are their riders: a unique breed of biker.

    Also please put yourself on the map, click on this: World Wide RIII Owners Map

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    If you do not put your location in your profile, and do not post in "Meet the Members", your details will not be included in the "who is where" list. So you may miss out on being able to get together with fellow Captains as they look for people to ride with in your area. Which would be a pity.

    Click here for the current "who is where"
    Slarti back in this dimension (maybe).


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