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    What is the Tribal Fund? How do I Donate?

    As this forum grows and we gain new members, many have asked about the Tribal Fund, what it is and how can they also contribute so here is a brief primer.

    WHAT IS THE TRIBAL FUND? It's a charitable fund (not tax deductable by the way) informally organized 4 or 5 years ago on this forum to help out fellow Rocket Captains 'in need'. Typically but not always, the need arises from an accident, but at times it has stemmed from an illness/disease or other health related situation. The form of our help varies but the key message is that 'we care'. So sometimes, it's been sending a book(s) to help while away the days in the hospital, or it might be flowers to the spouse who has been equally suffering through events and sometimes it has been financial assistance. On rare occasions we have provided as much as $1,000, or $500 but typically something less.

    Very simple, we have three 'Keepers of the Funds', myself (DHarvey) in the US, (now superseded by Pegasus aka Steve Secrest) Slartibartfast in the UK and Dave Pearce (Aussiebikerdave) Down Under in Australia. During the first major fund raiser we made it clear and the members agreed that we alone would make decisions on the use of the funds (to avoid squabbles, etc) but we also established several 'check and balance' safeguards as follows: First, there must be clear support from the members that a given situation warrants the use of the Tribal Fund (a corollary is that no Keepers ever suggest a use of the funds -- we wait until members raise the issue); secondly, we have historically always reached consensus among the Keepers before funds are released although technically any two of the three could make the decision -- however we will endeavor to avoid such a situation. But what is sent and how much is solely at our discretion.

    Also, where the funds are housed has nothing to do with where they might be spent. Funds from the US are often used to help Captains in the UK or Australia. Having funds held on 3 continents is more to make the donations process easier.

    ACCOUNTING REPORT: Each year, typically in December, I put up a post entitled 'State of the Tribal Fund" and provide information on funds raised, funds spent and balances in the US, UK and Australia.

    HOW DO I CONTRIBUTE? Constant fund raising is never a good thing and so we have in the past 5 years only had two major fundraisers, each associated with a Rocket event. Three years ago we raised over $3,000 worldwide from some 40 Rocket Captains but in the intervening time, we used those funds to the point where our kitty was getting depleted. In July 2008, we did another major fundraiser in connection with the Tahoe Salvo and raised over $6,000 from 55 Captains around the world.

    However, we always welcome and encourage ongoing donations so if you would like to contribute, depending on where you are in the world, you can contact any of the three Keepers and they will provide addresses. Some can handle it electronicaly (e.g.Paypal), and some by check.

    In the US:
    Contact is Steve Secrest. On the forum you can PM me (Pegasus). Personal phone number is 916-759-6952, or send me an email (personal) to and I'll get you my address. Make check payable to me and put Tribal Fund and your forum 'handle' in the memo section so I know who to credit it to.

    In the UK:
    Contact Laurie West-Knights (Slartibartfast for a 'PM'). His email is:

    In Australia and New Zealand:
    Contact Dave Pearce ('PM' Aussiebikerdave): His email is:
    and his actual address is

    David Pearce,
    PO Box 1097,
    Qld 4566,

    Thanks for your interest. This forum represents an amazing community of kindred spirits and the Tribal Fund bespeaks the quality of the folks this motorcycle has brought together.
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    Not hard to work out... here 'tis:

    David, once you have edited/updated your post about my email address I will delete this post, Tks, Dave
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    Many thanks go to David, for taking the time to post this explanation after I 'volunteered' him.

    Also to Laurie, David & Dave for keeping the funds & administering them, and lastly, to all of you good people who have contributed so much, to keep this wonderful idea alive.
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