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    What Did You Do To Your Rocket Today?

    I ruined the fresh wash job on mine by being caught in 45 degree rain while running errands.
    A couple weeks back when it was pouring out, I did the 12 minute tune just for the hell of it. It doesn't run as well as it did prior. The light throttle 2K rpm stuttering returned and it's not quite as smooth. Last fall I'd had the latest Roadster tune loaded to cure these ills. Doesn't run bad mind you, just not as turbine-like as before.

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    I have some chips in the new English white on top of the front fender; a result of my stoopid azz dropping the new Clearview windshield on top of it when I first got my Rocket.

    Yesterday, I removed the ill matching paint on the front fender; and started to apply the first layer of the correct Triumph touch up paint on to them. The chips go all the way to the metal; I'm hoping that a couple of applications of touch up paint and some very fine spot sanding will make it right again. Have to keep a hundred watt bulb on it, the temperature in the shed is less than ideal for painting at this time of year.
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    Walked past mine a few times where it has been up on the lift for the past two weeks. Haven't had time to devote to the winter mx teardown.
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    i washed mine
    it ain about gettin there its the ride

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    Spain - Pretty much smack in the middle of it.
    1) Removed GiPro
    2) Fitted PCV and AT
    3) Made up a new accessories loom - including modified headlight relay system.
    4) Wired in modified LED Main Beam auxiliary lights.

    And then - actually rode it.
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    Fitted back clutch after drilling out sheared bolt and promised bike another new bearing.

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    Fitted my rear wheel with a new Exedra Max on it.
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    What Did You Do To Your Rocket Today?

    .......started it...........don't laugh....that's a big deal for me..
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    I chatted my Mulberry Mistress up a bit trying to get her all hot and bothered for ride later in the week, when the temperature supposedly will be quite comfy for a mid-Winter cruise.

    Dennsell, has the Max just become available in Oz? I wonder if it's been released in the Eurozone as well? It's a great tire!
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    So far flopped the engine upright and installed the alternator cover and output drive. Next starter and hopefully set the frame on her today


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