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    1970 Plymouth Grocery Getter

    I've always been a Mopar fan as well as a bike nut and a VW junkie, here's some pics I made of my 1970 Plymouth Satellite. The Satellite is basically a Road Runner with a different trim package, all the engines and transmissions you could get in a RR you could get in the Satellite. My Great Aunt bought this car brand new in December of 1970 and it is a true survivor with the exception of the engine and trans. I still have the original engine in storage, put away to be nice and safe. It's a lowly 318 2 barrel with factory air and an only available in California intake, yes this is a California car how it wound up in GA is a neat story in and of itself. The paint on the car is original as is the interior and with only 92,000 miles on the clock it's still just as solid as it was 44 years ago when it left Detroit. My step father did the dealer prep on this car when it came in to the dealership he was employed there at the time as a mechanic specializing in Air conditioning and carburetors, since it was his Aunt that ordered the car they let him prep it. So you can say that since this car was brand new there have only been myself and my step Dad to ever turn a wrench on it. The paint is in ok shape and there are few spots that could really use some attention, but it has no rust and is still straight.

    The engine as I said was a 318 2-barrell with factory air, as it is in storage now the engine bay is home to a rather healthy 360 with a 4-barrell Carter carb. I built the engine with .030 over forged pistons on a basically stock crank with Carrillo rods, a 292/513 lift cam on a ported and polished LD340 intake. The heads are factory small block X heads with some mild porting work to help with the air-flow to the 2.02 intake valves, the engine vents through Hooker Super Comp headers into 2 Flow-masters and a full exhaust exiting just below the rear bumper. Compression ratio is right at 10.8 to 1 so it gets rather expensive fuel and at right at 11 mpg it ain't cheap to drive, but I didn't build it to save on gas. It gets the power to the 8 3/4" 392 geared Sure-Grip rear end through a 2200 stall converter hooked to a custom built 727 Torque-flight transmission. I've got DOT legal "street slicks" but I normally run what it has on it in the pictures Coopers on factory 15 inch Road Wheels. It ain't going to win any car shows and compared to some other sleds it ain't really all that fast, but the most important thing that it ain't is, it ain't no damned Mustang or Camaro and it sure as hell isn't a Fast or Bi-Curious import with a trash-can for the exhaust.

    So without further ado here are the pics of my Great Aunts grocery getter.

    The passenger door is open just a bit in that last photo, I wasn't planning on taking any pics of that side, lol.


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    Very nice

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    Very nice car Joe!! congrats!

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    That car is very cool

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    I bet it sounds bad assed with those headers and flowmasters. I remember a neighbor way back when whom had a blue Road Runner, awesome car... I didn't know that the Satellites were clones of them.

    If you ever decide on graphics for it; I paint a big 5 point white star on each door; trunk and hood. It's the perfect G.I. Olive drab color and you could turn that piece of history into a battle cruiser. looking for General Lee and the duke boys... down yonder in your parts...
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