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Thread: Guilt

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    I recently sent a couple of bucks to help keep this place commercial-free.
    Not much mind you, but every little bit helps.
    So, today I get a hand addressed envelope from a far away foreign land.
    It was a pin, a patch and some cards from our beloved moderator Owl. Thank you.

    I will probably tuck these away somewhere and forget about them, but it's a darn nice gesture!

    So now I'm thinking about the cost of the pin, patches, postage, envelopes and Owl's precious time and feeling so guilty about my small donation that I was compelled to send another one.

    If you haven't contributed, take a minute and send a buck or two to the folks that keep this place alive.

    And Tom, don't send another patch and pin. I'm tapped out!
    Always give 100% (unless you're donating blood).

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    Yeah the little trinkets are a nice touch Tom makes us feel special. (Just one of the reasons I upped to silver membership too!)

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    ....I forgot I was naked of pistons..better do something bout it..
    06 standard--trips--preds--tuneboy
    ......rollin' like it's stolen......

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    Contributions keep this functioning.

    Economies of scale should be greater, but everything helps and better days ahead.

    Most Southwestern Rocket III in the lower 48
    San Diego on the LEFT COAST

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    Many thanks guys - we appreciate your generosity.
    IBA # 51221

    Don't wait for your ship to come in.
    Swim out and meet the bloody thing.
    Barry Sheene

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    Way to go R&R!!!

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    I tried renewing my sponsorship when I was in Oz and PayPal wouldn't accept my credit card. So I thought stuff it, I'll wait till I get back to the States and try again - but I forgot. Thanks for reminding me.

    However, PP still wouldn't take my card so I used another one. I then phoned PP and asked why they wouldn't accept my card and they said that it was linked to an "inactive" PP account. I said that I didn't have a PP account but they told me I did. What had happened was that several years ago I started the process but did not complete it when they wanted my bank account details so that they could withdraw money when they wanted to. (I don't give that permission to anybody!) Therefore the account should not have been created. Eventually, after being transferred to someone else, they (hopefully) closed the account that never should have been there in the first place.

    To add insult to injury, although I put in my email details for them to send me the receipt when I used a different credit card, they decided to send the receipt to a totally different email address - that of my ex-wife!!! There will now be another phone call to them wanting to know why they are sending my private financial dealings to a third party.

    I will never deal with PP again, so if anyone on this site wants me to send money for any dealing we may have, IT WILL NOT BE WITH PAYPAL!!!

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    Paypal have started a new tactic. If you use a card to pay via Paypal but don't have an account - after "X" payments they freeze the cards use via Paypal.
    November 2015. For a whole series of reasons - I am retiring from Forum Life. I've been testing my resolve to live without using them - and feel better for it. Yes I will miss the contact I have with folk around the world - but my life is changing - and I am moving on. Certain forum members have my email address and I will see emails - but I will not be returning to the forum and will not attend PM's. Stay well all.

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    After an hour on the phone with PP they said that the email was sent to the wrong address because at some time, several years in the past, that email address had been used with that credit card and the "system" decided that it would therefore send the receipt to that email and not the one supplied in the transaction. During my copious time on hold with them, their recording kept on telling me how secure PP is and that all my information would be in a financial strong box and no-one else would have access to it. However, it failed to mention that they would send my information to someone else!

    If I can't trust them to use the email supplied then there is no way I will ever trust them again with my credit card or bank details.


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