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    Help in posting pictures?????

    I am unable to post pictures.
    I have tried turning off the enhancement button but still no go.
    Any ideas?
    Are we limited to the size?



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    There are various ways of going about it - I favour using a host site to store your pictures, such as Photobucket or Flickr, then linking from there to the forum - that way your pictures are imbedded in your post rather than showing as a thumbnail.

    There is a limit on size - from memory it is somewhere around 2GB, but for practicality I would only post up pictures of around 400 to 500 kb, or they will take ages to load.

    There is an old tutorial posted here

    Any probs, come back to me - I'll help if I can, DJ.
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    Browse and choose the photo from your desktop or directory that you want to upload, and answer the security code

    Then copy the IMG code for forums & message boards, and paste it into your post on the forum. Like this:

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    got it.
    Thanks guys.


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