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We use the ships engines to stop her. It takes a bit of practice. Headed down bound there is a steel cable (ship arrester) to stop the ship before it hits the gate if you misjudge. Headed up bound it is a big ass concrete block under the gate that will stop you.

Our newest ships are 78 feet wide and the lock here is 80 feet wide. USS New Jersey is an impressive ship I hope to have the chance to visit her one day soon as I'm thinking about a ride to that neck of the woods. We have the HMCS Haida in our neck of the woods. Not nearly as big or impressive but she has a long and colourful war history of her own.Attachment 5128
So, Dumpdog, are you a retired sea captain, a navigator, engineer, first officer or what?

If and when you decide to come down this way, I'd be happy to host you, show you some phenomenal regional riding/sights and to accompany you to Camden where the New Jersey rides at anchor in the Delaware River. That is not a place that one should fly solo to!