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    Have we lost a lot of our data?

    Hey admins,

    Seems that I can't search back past November of this year for old posts that I made. Have we lost access to data prior to November of 2013?
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    Same thing happened when I searched for mine.

    Not a bloody clue why that happened - only Bishop will know.
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    as long as its politicing religous crap who cares

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    Quote Originally Posted by warp9.9 View Post
    as long as its politicing religous crap who cares
    HA !

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    Dunno about data - but I've lost several marbles recently.
    November 2015. For a whole series of reasons - I am retiring from Forum Life. I've been testing my resolve to live without using them - and feel better for it. Yes I will miss the contact I have with folk around the world - but my life is changing - and I am moving on. Certain forum members have my email address and I will see emails - but I will not be returning to the forum and will not attend PM's. Stay well all.


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