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    Damn - I thought I'd found a loophole.

    Or should that be a Lupe hole?
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    Quote Originally Posted by owl View Post
    Damn - I thought I'd found a loophole.

    Or should that be a Lupe hole?
    Ha ha ha!!!!! good one!

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    The derogative word is "pinche", not "gringo"

    Laugh it up . Karma is a bitch.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bishop View Post
    Looks like I'll start it off then.

    Will. I don't think that it was ever the conscious intent of any owner or moderator here to have you feel that your feelings and opinion on something you read was invalid or that they did not matter. I do not believe I played as active a role at that time on this site, but from what I understand, a decision was made to lock the thread so that the slights and name calling, real or perceived, would cease.

    From what I can tell, Will, you have two grievances: what was said, and what was done about it. I can only speak to one of them.

    Please accept my personal apology on behalf of all of us in a position of moderation at I am sorry that you feel the actions that were taken at that time were a sign that the offense you took to words or names used by another member either directed at a group or directed at you wasn't dealt with appropriately and/or wasn't serious to us. We all strive to do a better job in our duties here and I do not want any member to feel they are being discounted or treated unfairly while participating in discourse on this website. We will try our best to do a better job of redressing those grievances in the future.

    Thank you for being such an active member of this community and contributing your insight and thoughts in the many different sections. Your participation is valued and I hope that we can mend any differences that may lie between us and you and any other member here so that you will continue to come here and enjoy the time that you dedicate to it all.

    I cannot force either of you to resolve your personal differences, I can only hope that my willingness to step forward and attempt to bridge any gaps will act as inspiration for the two of you to do the same.
    I don't usually quote myself, but I did so that it would carry over to the last page of the thread for evidentiary purposes.

    Clearly, neither of you want to let the issue go and are unwilling to accept my apology for what you viewed as a grievance. I tried to put my best forward and let go of any ego, but the two of you will not, so I'm closing this thread as it has outlived its usefulness.

    I have added to the actions already taken in the past and issued a sincere apology to you, Will. If you still feel that this site or it's moderators and ownership is in the wrong, there is nothing more I can do to resolve that past matter, you will just have to live with it.

    As far as we (the owners and moderators) are concerned, this matter of a racial or derogatory insult against another member has been dealt with, it is closed, and it will not be addressed again. If hostilities emerge between the two of you in the public sections of this site, then we will take whatever action is appropriate, and necessary, and in the best interests of the community. If that means banning you both, so be it. If you can't stand each other, then block each other.


    Move on.
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