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$19k and its maybe close, but it's still a Harley. Looks like that and probably needs another $4k of accessories to maike it "yours" and stylish? No thanks
I hear you. Locally, by the time I pay MSRP, F&S, sales tax, $150 doc. fee, and license I'm looking at around $22,000 OTD. And that's if I don't pay any of the dealer markup.
One disadvantage I see with the Fat Bob is the exhaust looks like it will block any attempt at throwing on decent saddlebags. My Roadie can go from solo seat naked bike to tourer with bags, trunk, passenger seat, fairing and lowers in well under an hour.

I imagine these bikes do handle well though because, let's face it, with a fat front tire, weird headlight, Brembo brakes, 8 valve counter balanced motor solid mounted to a rigid-frame-mimicking mono shock frame, Harley has essentially introduced an updated 1999 Victory and those handled pretty well. My '99 had more chrome and better paint though.