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    Stop the presses!! I found my frozen pecker Serious shrinkage though It has rained on us now for 3 days in a row!

    Deb and I are at G-Man and Dorothy's on Long Island....with Andrew here too We all just went out to dinner and stuffed our faces. Checking out NYC tomorrow then on to the Pa. Salvo Thursday.

    DC...thinking a new rear tire around Phoenix at the latest or Houston at the earliest.

    Harry...Allied Moving and Storage (also Federal)---$787 to Rochester, NY with the bike strapped to a pallet. Came through fine.

    Thanks for the well wishes all
    Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.

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    I wish I wasn't outa town workin! i know the best roads from rochacha to lake george! Wish I coulda helped! sounds like a good trip, last year I left oswego to see the moto gp in laguna and other than the heat ,had a ball!!
    azz in da win!

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    32 days on the road, 23 states, 7741 miles and over 1100 photos later and it was truly an adventure...and it started before we even got on the plane...
    My girlfriend (Deb) rollerblades every day at lunch and hasn't fallen in nearly 2 years, but the day before we left, she fell and landed right on her tailbone...jarred her so much she thought she was going to be sick on the spot. She was in pain just sitting on the plane the next day. We picked up the Rocket Friday morning 20 miles west of Rochester, NY. We were riding east to spend a couple nights with David and Pamela Harvey and by the time we had covered the 20 miles back to the airport, Deb was nearly in tears.

    I gave her an out by saying I'd ride the Rocket home and we could do the trip after she healed, but she is tough and said no way she's throwing in the towel (the bruise ended up being bigger than my open hand, which is 9" across)! I gotta hand it to her...not many women would even go on a 7741 mile trip...let alone with a bruised tailbone She's a keeper...but after 12 years, I already knew that

    So, we rented a car at the airport and Deb planned to ride along behind me until her tailbone could take riding the bike. David and Pamela saved the trip when Pam gave Deb a 3" thick cushion Pam had used when she had fractured her tailbone years before. That (and pain meds) allowed Deb to ride pillion through the beautiful Adirondacks up to Lake Placid the next day. We had an excellent time visiting David and Pamela for 2 nights and the bad dream Deb had (before we left on the trip) that their house would be filthy and their children would be bucktoothed mongrels from the movie "Deliverance" was the furthest thing from's a beautiful home on 3-4 acres...although I didn't meet the children ...but photos proved their son to be quite handsome We took off Sunday AM to ride across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine to the coast. Good thing Deb was in the car because it rained for the next 3 days straight...but that's why they make rain gear right?

    We saw more beautiful country and had a good time in spite of the rain. Stayed in Old Orchard Beach, Maine on the coast that night then rode down to Mystic Seaport, CT on Monday. Looked like the old fishing village in the movie "The Perfect Storm" and the rain and fog only added to the aura of the place. Had a great lobster dinner that night.

    Tuesday, we boarded a Ferry to the tip of Long Island to meet up with G-Man. He wasn't there when we arrived because Anddean (Andrew from the U.K.) had ridden over from N.J. to surprise us and had just gotten in...besides it was pouring rain again. Gary met us halfway to guide us in and it rained so hard on the way that my headlight modulators shut off because it got so dark! The 3 of us spent 2 nights with Gary and his wife, Dorothy, and had a great time getting to know each other better. Deb and I took a train into NYC the next day and toured the "Big Apple." Interesting to visit, but no place to live

    Thursday AM, Gary, Andrew, Deb and I took off for the PA. Salvo to what looked like an old hunting lodge in the woods of PA. called the Blackwell. For the next 3 nights we had an absolute blast getting to know all the east coast Captains and their significant others. David and Pam brought an even fatter hospital grade donut for Deb to sit on and the car was history...she only missed 5 days of riding and it rained 3 of those...pain meds and frequent breaks were required the rest of the trip though.

    The PA Salvo was definitely the highlight of the whole trip...great twisties, good times and great people! I am truly amazed at what a fine group of people the Rocket has brought together. Internet acquaintances have become fine friends and we will be back Oh, by the way, in case anyone wonders, these east coast Captains ride hard and take no prisoners

    Sunday AM, we dropped off the car, rode to Gettysburg briefly then headed off to make sure the Washington, DC monuments were still there...amazingly they were.

    Monday AM, I discovered a 5" rip in the seam of the Super T-Bag that held most of our clothes. T-Bags are guaranteed for life, but their rep wanted me to mail it to them to see if it could be fixed. She couldn't quite grasp the idea that I needed one mailed to a bike shop along our route because we still had to use the one we had! Having had T-Bags before, I told her it wasn't fixable, but I'd mail it to her to prove it if she'd front me a new bag. She wouldn't budge even though I told her we were on a 7500 mile trip. Nice customer service!! After a couple hours on our motel's computer, I found a bike shop near the end of Skyline Drive that had a replacement, but it was $190 and we had to skip the Skyline Drive and use the interstate to get there before it closed. All part of the adventure eh? Oh, the zipper on the new T-Bag broke in New Orleans so now they can replace one and fix one

    Tuesday and Wednesday we rode the Blue Ridge Parkway down to the Great Smoky Mtn Nat'l Park. A gorgeous slice of Americana has been preserved for future generations and 50 mph (I mean 45 mph ) was a leisurely cruise down to the Dragon.

    Thursday, we rode through the Great Smoky Mtn Nat'l Park then did the Tail of the Dragon down to Robbinsville and back to Fontana Village. The Tree of Shame was sobering as I didn't expect to see R.I.P. on so many bike died on his birthday Friday, we did the Dragon some more then the Cherohala Skyway loop and down to Suches, GA. State troopers were out in force, but failed to notice the big red beast among all the squids. Thanks to the "North Kackalacky" Toddster for the routes

    Suches, GA and the Two Wheels Only Motorcycle "Resort" were definitely off the beaten path places to visit and those fine motorcycle roads in northern Georgia are probably the only reason any civilization has intruded at all. Miles of idyllic rolling hills and open pasture. I got to sample "Pigs Lips Cake" at Lenny's Grill and the catfish dinner was superb.

    Saturday, we blasted down the Georgia interstate in pouring rain to Jacksonville, FL. We were lucky though because it cleared when we arrived and 2 days before Tropical Storm David? had been dumping 5-6" of rain daily and people were literally boating down the streets of Jacksonville. I made the acquaintance of a Georgia state trooper after getting clocked doing 79 mph in a 55 mph, double fine, work zone (I had been doing 95 mph, but slowed to take an exit then changed my mind). I told him I was only going that fast because my wife had run off with a state trooper and I thought he might be that guy trying to bring her back...he laughed and let me go with a warning. Sunday, we enjoyed mile after mile of sunny Florida beaches and rode the Rocket on the beach in Daytona Beach...until it started raining again for the rest of the day

    Monday, we had to bag our planned airboat ride in the Everglades due to some ominous electrical storms down there, but we still got to see some gators and wildlife on the way over to Sarasota, FL. (check out the photos). If the Tail of the Dragon is 318 curves in 11 miles then Florida is 11 curves in 318 miles

    Tuesday, we had breakfast in Long Boat Key and rode up the gulf (and panhandle) coast of Florida, which has white sand beaches so white that at first I thought someone had dumped some kind of white powder.

    Wednesday, we made it to Gulf Shores, AL along route 98 west which mostly follows the coastline...lots of undeveloped paradise there.

    Thursday, the road was a dichotomy of the beautiful Gulf of Mexico waters on the left side and the sad, near total devastation of hurricane Katrina on the right side. Through Mississippi and Louisiana, we saw mile after mile of driveways, but few houses or buildings...nothing left but foundations and some occasional pillars where something had been built high to avoid the storm surge. Two years after Katrina, 4 story hotels still looked as if they had been bombed, with bedding and curtains hanging off balconies. A 3 story college university sat abandoned. Churches gone with only part of the steeple remaining. Fema trailers were the only structures on lot after lot that had previously held beautiful custom homes right across the street from the beaches. A broken rusted McDonalds sign still stood, but the restaurant was gone. In Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, we saw a small brick building with a rusted 2' thick vault door...the local bartender (who had escaped Katrina in a neighbors floating hot-tub as the storm surge broke down the front of his house) said it was the bank's vault...the rest was just gone. I drove inland for 4 miles before we got to where homes hadn't been damaged by Katrina In Louisiana, route 90 west had beautiful waters on both sides and you could see where boat slips remained behind what had been custom homes...but nothing remained except the driveways. Maybe 1 out of every 25 homes was being or had been rebuilt. An A.T.& T. repairman in New Orleans told us 2/3 of the people have not returned and even fewer businesses. In N.O. we saw street after street of abandoned homes and very little rebuilding. Check out the photos, but they don't convey the magnitude of mile after mile of destruction.
    I don't think New Orleans is coming is below sea level, surrounded by swamps, has few hurricane escape routes and is still just as vulnerable to levie breaks today as it was 2 years ago. The crime rate is one of the highest in the country, almost 25% of the police force walked off the job after Katrina and still haven't been replaced and there are still nearly 50,000 Fema trailers substituting for homes.

    Friday, Saturday and Sunday were spent riding across Texas...which isn't the most noteworthy nor exciting state to ride through (sorry Texas Captains, I-10 is boring). Monday, southern New Mexico started to have some mountains and Tuesday, southeastern Arizona had some interesting rock formations, but then became desert. We visited Deb's relatives in Phoenix Tuesday and Wednesday which gave us a down day to get a new rear tire (it lasted 7000 miles). I learned from an AZ highway patrolman who was waiting for his bike that they write their tickets for the whole day in the morning so they don't have to stand outside in 110' heat in the afternoon

    Thursday and Friday we visited Deb's sister and her husband in Lake Havasu, AZ and Saturday we had dinner with RedR3 (Brad) in Paso Robles, CA. Brad works for Meridian Vineyards and gave us some of their excellent wine. We had a nice morning ride and breakfast with Brad Sunday then headed home to Sacramento, CA. The trip was a blast, but it's nice to sleep in your own bed.

    Many thanks to David & Pam and Gary & Dorothy for letting us share their homes, to Todd and Jim (Hardrock) for their excellent route suggestions and to Brad for breakfast and some great wine.

    Sorry all for the Tome, but it was a memorable trip Could a moderator put this in the "Chat" section for awhile then after a couple weeks move it to "After, events, outings" etc?

    California Captains, the baton has been passed to us for a CA Salvo next summer...David and Pam, Andrew and his wife, Andy (Ogre) and Theres and hopefully others are planning to come out in July. I'll make a separate post, but it is our turn to step up...they've had 3 Americades and 3 PA Salvos back east! Lake Tahoe is the front running location that people would like to stay at for 3 nights while riding the Lake and mountain passes during the day. Let's do this guys

    Lastly, you can check out our photos of the trip at: ... ?start=all
    Four wheels move the body, but two wheels move the soul.


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