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    It was great seeing you, Tim and meeting your lovely wife Dawn. Chris and I both thought you make a great couple.

    It was not a huge turnout at Tom's Farm, but the second weekly SoCal group meeting is now complete!
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    How about next Sunday, are you guys doing it again?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TurboFan
    How about next Sunday, are you guys doing it again?
    Do they still play football at Notre Dame? Whoa skip that one. Is the Pope still a Catholic?
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    I almost went up to Toms today, but wasn't sure about my tire...

    so I took (what was suppose to be a short local ride) up through the burn sites of Rancho Santa fe..

    but ended up adding on Santa Ysabal, Julian, and back down through sunrise highway, honey springs, and otay lakes about a 200 mile roundtrip back to mira mesa...

    looked at my tires, and they didn't eat up as much as I thought they would have..

    I coulda easily made it up to Toms....

    maybe next weekend? hopefully my new tire will be mounted by then..

    AKA George


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